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'Runacre-Temple’s choreography (Kingdom of Back) is playful, but tension thrives, first in a wistful solo that illuminates Nannerl’s haut-monde station in life (Marie Antoinette beehive included) and, later, in sweeping group numbers that lay bare the imperious influence of her father (Javier Torres, sporting a chilly glare). Frank Moon’s characteristically quirky soundtrack is a joy.' - Sara Veale, The Observer, November, 2019

'The innovative choreographer, Morgann Runacre-Temple, came up with the idea of articulating the fingers for piano as motifs to convey the personalities of the playful young woman and her imposing father... a lovely and airy piece, and a great display for a subtle narrative.' Kingdom of Back - Philip Tunstall, Dance Europe May, 2019

'Most successful in terms of creating its own unique world is Morgann Runacre-Temple’s The Kingdom of Back, inspired by Mozart’s sister Nannerl, her wunderkind brother and stern, exacting father (“After God comes Papa,” says the voiceover). It has a curious, mischievous, dreamy spirit – she opens with the doo-be-doo sound of the Swingle Singers rather than a conventional Mozart recording. In relatively simple movement language, Runacre-Temple captures the playful, loving, occasionally jealous relationship between older sister and young prodigy...' - Lyndsey Windship, The Guardian, November 2019


‘Runacre-Temple taps into a zeitgeist so many other ballet companies desperately want to access right now, making relevant what is often seen as an elitist art form while still honouring its roots.​......Runacre-Temple understands this image appeals to more than just little girls who want to grow up to be dancing princesses, or moneyed audiences who have done so. This sense of wanting to know the person behind the persona on stage is as common now as asking for a daughter’s hand in marriage was in Shakespeare’s time. Runacre- Temple gets it, and Ballet Ireland fortuitously has gotten a head start on discovering and nurturing her talent.’  - Romeo and Juliet - The Irish Times

'The movement is beautifully differentiated with her cool blond, hauteur slowly allowing more until they circle the room in a hot and edgy duet – not smutty but my goodness it smoulders.'  - Bruce Marriott, DANCETABS

Morgann Runacre-Temple



Morgann's video reel is here and forthcoming performances here.

Morgann is a freelance choreographer from London working in ballet, contemporary dance, theatre, film and opera.

She has created work for Ballet Ireland, Northern Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet's Noverre Evening, Scottish Ballet, English National Ballet, English National Ballet School, Ballet Central, The Print Room, Images of Dance, Northern Ballet Choreographic Lab 2016, Royal Ballet Participation, BBC Young Dancer of the Year 2017 and Wilton's Music Hall.

​In partnership with Jessica Wright, Morgann directs and choreographs dance films as 'Jess and Morgs' Films. Their film credits include The Try Out for RANDOM ACTS Channel 4, The Last Resort  (English National Ballet & TATE Liverpool) and Curing Albrecht (English National Ballet & Manchester International Festival, available on BBC iPlayer) Curing Albrecht won Best Film 2018 at NRDFF and Best Director at Portland Dance Film Festival. 

Other film work with Jess includes, Tremble for Scottish Ballet's 2019 Digital Season which won Best Dance Film at London's New Rennaissance Film Festival; and a a film commission from English National Ballet inspired by Christopher Wheeldon's Cinderella released in 2020. In 2020/21 she and Jess are directing a film about ballerina Marie Taglioni starring Alessandra Ferri.


As a movement director and choreographer in opera and theatre, Morgann has worked with directors including Sam Brown (Barber of Seville WNO), Jeff James (Persuasion, Royal Exchange), two plays by Debbie Tucker Green, Random and Generation directed by Tinuke Craig at Chichester Festival and The Crucible at Storyhouse, Chester directed by Geraldine Alexander. In 2019, Morgann assisted choreographer Annie B Parsons on Enda Walsh and David Bowie's musical Lazarus, directed by Ivo Van Hove in Amsterdam.  In 2020, Morgann worked with Tinuke Craig on a new production of Hamlet for young audiences at London's National Theatre.


In December 2020, Morgann and Jessica are directing The Secret Theatre, an online  Christmas ballet for Scottish Ballet and in 2021, Morgann will create new works for Birmingham Royal Ballet, The Royal Ballet School and New English Ballet Theatre.

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