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“The lighting designed by Alistair West, which became as much a performer on stage as the dancers” Martin T Brooks - The Reviews Hub


“Often dominated by grand, neo-classical pillars which, courtesy of Alastair West's exceptional lighting designs, shine in an extraordinary orange-gold” - Mark Brown, The Telegraph

“Alastair West’s atmosphere-laden lighting employs gloom and shadow to heighten the changes in Casanova’s increasingly haunted mental state.”  -Roger Foss, The Stage

“All of which was effectively enhanced by the eclectic lighting of Northern Ballet’s in-house designer, Alastair West” - Graham Watts, bachtrack

“Enhancing the set is a stunning lighting design by Alastair West, at times flooding the stage with purples, greens and gold, creating an opulent visual feast; before contrasting this with solitary spotlights penetrating a smoky stage.” Paul Sazabo, Exposed Magazine

“The church scenes of Act I are a great contrast to the gambling dens and salons of Act II and a lot of the credit for this all working so well has to go to lighting designer Alastair West.” - Tom King, Southside Advertiser

“Meanwhile the lighting brings it all to life, in new and innovative ways – from bold spotlights to glow-in-the-dark designs and props that cast light on the action on stage.” - Ali Turner, Leeds-list

"…mainly using scrims and painted cloths to conjure up landscapes and interior scenes, and sensitively lit by Alastair West.” - Donald Hutera, The Times

"Lit by Alastair West, who creates some excellent fiery effects, the story emerges with a visually dynamic underpinning." - Ismene Brown, The Spectator

“Alastair West’s impeccable lighting design.” - Mark Smith, British Theatre Guide

Alastair West

Lighting Designer


Alastair is a freelance lighting designer based in the UK. He graduated from Bretton Hall in 2004 with a BA (Hons) degree in Performance Design and Production, having specialised in lighting design. Alongside his design work, he has also worked as Head of Lighting for Northern Ballet for the past 14 years.

He was nominated for a Knight of Illumination Award for his design for Kenneth Tindall's Casanova in 2017 and again in 2019 for Cathy Marston's Victoria.


Throughout his career, Alastair has re-designed and re-lit various shows, working in the lighting departments for The Royal Shakespeare Company, Sheffield Theatres and numerous touring productions.


Dance lighting design credits include Geisha, Casanova (nominated for a Knight of Illumination Award), States of Mind, The Shape of Sound, The Architect, Luminus Junc·ture, Project 1 all for choreographer Kenneth Tindall; Victoria (nominated for a Knight of Illumination Award), Jane Eyre for Cathy Marston; Dangerous Liaisons, The Three Musketeers (Tour Lighting), Madame Butterfly (Mid-scale), I Got Rhythm, for David Nixon CBE and Giselle for Yoko Ichino. 


Alastair's other dance lighting design credits include Ma Vie for Dickson MBI; Wailers for Mthuthuzeli November; Nostalgia for  Stina Quagebeur; Mamela for  Mlindi Kulashe; The Kingdom of Back for Morgann Runacre-Temple; For an Instant (Amaury Lebrun); Ugly Duckling, The Tortoise & The Hare, (Dreda Blow &  Sebastian Loe); Three Little Pigs (Hannah Bateman & Victoria Goldsmith); Elves & The Shoemaker ( Daniel de Andrade); Puss In Boots (Jenna Lee); and Goldilocks & The Three Bears (Nicola Gervasi).

Other lighting design credits include: Calendar Girls The Musical, Croft House Theatre Company; Jungle Book, Derby Playhouse; Cinderella, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty CAST Doncaster; Puzzle Women, Dead Ernest; The Indian Boy RSC Cube Season; La Ronde Bolt Productions.

Recent productions include the lighting design of Tiler Peck's Intimate Pages and Benjamin Ella's Joie de Vivre both for Northern Ballet.


Mor recently, Alastair collaborated with Kenneth Tindall on the North American premiere of Casanova for Orlando Ballet. Future engagements include staging Casanova for Milwaukee Ballet, Colorado Ballet and the Latvian National Ballet all in 2024 and 2025. In 2025, Alastair will design the lighting for the world premiere of Kenneth Tindall's new Alice in Wonderland for Tulsa Ballet.

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