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Meditative Rose

Meditative Rose is inspired by and named after the painting by Salvador Dalí. When looking at the painting for the first time, I was instantly reminded of a perfect moment, maybe even a distant and private memory. I wanted to capture this atmosphere and recreate it with two male dancers. Furthermore I was interested in the relationship between Salvador Dalí and Federico Garcia-Lorca (who was put to death for political reasons as well as his homosexuality).  Meditative Rose is an attempt to remind or introduce the audience to intimacy between people of the same sex and to present the most natural way of lovers interacting with each other, both physically and emotionally, regardless of their sex.


The story of Nucleus is based on and inspired by ideas of family. I wanted to create a situation and emotions to which the audience could easily recognize and relate. I used an oversized sofa to create a symbol of home and safety. I drew from my own experiences, and all of these characters have an element of myself within them. The "perfect" family that is unable to communicate, that has fears, that discovers and grows, are a few of the ideas realized in this












How I would like to...

My inspiration is Mozart's concerto aria Vorrei spiegarvi, oh Dio. My big passion and affection for Mozart's music makes this work the first choreography I have made within a larger concept of an entire evening of works set to several of Mozart's concerto

arias. My goal is to make Mozart's score visible and use all of his colors in the musical harmonies to draw a painting from the notes in which the female soloist dancer stands clearly in the focus. The other four dancers accompany and support the soloist like the instruments do in the score.

Death In Venice -  Garsington Opera, England, June, 2015
Der Sandmann -  Graz Ballet, Austria, October, 2018

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