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'This piece was awesome, dynamic, industrial, technical, and had a very digital feeling to it. The work done by the dancers on this piece really did knock my socks off.' - Trace in Loss, North  West Dance Project 

Sabrina Miller, Portland Stange Reviews

Alex Soares

Alex's video reel is here.


Alex Soares is a Brazilian based choreographer and film maker.


Alex has performed with Brazil’s contemporary dance companies, including São Paulo City Ballet (BCSP), Balé Teatro Guaíra and Cisne Negro Dance Company in works by renowned choreographers like Ohad Naharin, Mauro Bigonzetti, Rami Levi, Gagik Ismailian, Itzik Galili, Angelin Preljocaj, Cayetano Soto, Oscar Araiz, Luis Arrieta,Henrique Rodovalho, among others.   


In 2010, he left Sao Paulo City Ballet to dedicate himself exclusively to work as a freelance choreographer.


Alex has studied film making and gone on to create "For a lost moment"(2009) which was awarded the best video at the Festival do Minuto 2010.   WiiPrevisto (2009), his dance piece created for São Paulo City Ballet has been shown in Brazil as well  as in Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands.


In 2010 Alex left São Paulo City Ballet to dedicate himself exclusively to work as a freelancer choreographer and created his own dance group, the Mov_oLA Project, focusing on dance installations, video dance and new formats in dance including new technologies.  


In 2011 he created Chromaqui Studies for Mov_oLA Project and was invited to create a video dance, Perishable for Noord Nederlandse Dans in Groningen, The Nederlands. He went on to win a British Council prize in São Paulo to create Wii Som Disoriantations with Mov_oLA Project.    


In 2012, Alex was one of finalists of the 26th International Choreography Competition in Hannover, Germany, with the duet Coup de grâce . That same year, he won the  Pretty Creatives Choreographic Competition at Northwest Dance Project in Portland, Oregon and was commissioned to create Trace in Loss.   


In 2013 he created Link for Ribeirão Preto Dance Company which won him the prize of creation of the year in São Paulo, Brazil.  That same year, he made three new creations: Oroboro for Mov_oLA Project, Predicativo do Sujeito for Balé Teatro Guaíra from Curitiba and  Abrupto  for São Paulo City Ballet. The latter was performed in Europe to critical acclaim.    


In 2014, Alex created Desert Dweller  for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago 2,  as part of his prize for the 2013 National Choreographic Competition.  That same year, he also created two video dances for Ballet Bahia in Salvador:  Kick on taish too? and Sob Rasura.    


 As a guest choreographer, he has created works in Brazil for Balé Teatro Guaíra, Niterói City Ballet, Balé Teatro Castro Alves, Cia Sesc de Dança, Ribeirão Preto Cia de Dança, Amazonas Dance Company and São Paulo City Ballet. 

In October 2018, Alex became the Artistic Director of the new Cia Jovem de Jundiai in Sao Paolo, a company for young dancers aged 18 to 26. He also created a new work for Niteroi City Ballet in Rio de Janeiro in September 2018 and in 2019 was commissioned by  Ballet Nacional Chileno in Santiago de Chile to create a full evening work,  Maradentro.


Alex's recent projects include creations for Cisne Negro and Pia for Bale Teatro Guaira in 2022.

Future commissions include new works in 2024/25 for the Sao Paulo Companhia de Danca in Brazil and for El Ballet Contemporáneo del Teatro San Martín in Argentina as well as for Newport Contemporary Ballet in the USA.


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